Logistic Int. Services Corp. is an independent company, which operates since October 2008, provides recruitment services to the maritime industry founded with high principles of professionalism and high standards in business coaching, quality of operation, years of experience and an Experienced ex-skilled staff on board with excellent customer service and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the onboard Operation.

We believe in the experience of our placement agency Logistic Int. Services Corp, which strives to offer you the recruitment services of personnel, with important levels of training, based on our selection processes, classification and that this will serve the interests of your company in the best way.

Logistic International Services Corporation quality management system is certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the Maritime Labor Code (MLC 2006), and our Quality system based on ISO 9001: 2015 includes good practices and specific factors on anti-corruption framed in ISO 37001: 2016.  In compliance with established policies for the recruitment of seafarers always guaranteeing transparency and traceability in our processes.

Logistic Int. Services Corp. promotes its quality policy, which was developed based on the analysis of the expectations and needs of our relevant stakeholders, with a strategic management support that Led each of our Processes. Guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives for the Quality

We are committed to establishing a long-term relationship with each customer, which allows us to get a deep understanding of our clients’ business practices, procedures, and Environment.

We offer competitive rates, and our global reach & close involvement in the cruise industry gives us an unrivalled position to place crew.

It is the intension of Logistic Int. Services Corp., to demonstrate that, by making the process of efficient, dependable, and transparent recruitment, our placement agency contributes to improve the reputation of our clients, increase the revenue on board, to the delivery of exceptional guest experiences and build the loyalty of the CREW.

We have built a solid reputation, becoming strong competitors in the International maritime market, where our main goal is the success in every service we provide.

 As an innovative and market-leading company, Logistic Int. Services Corp.  continues to expand and improve our quality of services beyond our core business.

“The Value of “All in One Place”

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“Offer employment opportunities in the global maritime sector, through the recruitment and placement of competitive  seafarers in training, and training in accordance with international regulations, through transparent operations management under the MLC 2006 agreement and current International and national laws.”


“To become a Leading Company within the national and international maritime sector, providing our clients with qualified and requested personnel at the opportune time with the highest standards of training, experience and service vocation. With an important international coverage in the Central American Region, always seeking the ethical and moral values of all our personnel and playing an important role in the improvement of the quality of life of the people.”


Logistic Int. Services Corp. is committed to:

  • Provide recruitment services for seafarers to meet the most stringent quality standards.
  • Offer human personnel for the maritime and cruise industry, compliance always with the policies and regulations applicable to our customers.
  • Maintain our selection processes in constant review, always in the search to manage the continuous improvement and improvement of our management system.


  • Contribute to the shipping industry with trained bilingual staff, according to the requests received, by 70% per year.
  • Qualify the human resource through the recruitment systems, to have qualified professionals with the knowledge of work at sea, 80% per year.
  • Develop and improve the talent available to fill vacant positions through induction programs that exceed the expectations of our customers by 95% per year.
  • Ensure the strengthening and continuity of our management system, through the continuous monitoring of processes, by 80% every six months.


  1. Honesty: In our conduct as a placement agent acting fairly and responsibly when offering our services.
  2. Efficiency: Design plans that anticipate the needs of our customers and offer services that exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.
  3. Commitment and responsibility: In the fulfillment and effective performance of functions.
  4. Innovation: Creating training models for our crew members that exceed the expectations of our customers.
  5. Productivity: In compliance with the placement of the requested places, with an excellent recruitment process.
  6. Equity: Recognition of one’s own strengths and weaknesses and those of others; Turn adversity into opportunities.
  7. Excellence: In the commitment to improve our processes, to meet the objectives of the quality of our services efficiently and effectively as a placement agency.
  8. Solidarity: It is the high sense of cooperation towards the population that we form.
  9. Ethics: Clarity in our actions, security, and integrity in our conduct with our clients


Our team is composed of professionals with experience combined with the dynamism of young people, advanced technology, elements that allow us to provide recruiting services for seafarers, who must attend Training programs developed by our agency, providing an added value in each of them.